Programs & Services

H.O.P.E Inc provides a comprehensive range of services to meet the ongoing demand of those needing help with chemical dependency, including Assessments and Referrals, Intensive Outpatient (IOP) & Outpatient program (OP).

The process begins with a telephone call and or a visit to the facility, followed by a meeting with an admission professional, and completing an assessment of the patient's need for treatment. Admission occurs and treatment begins once it is determine that the patient meets requirement for services.

H.O.P.E Inc offers a free initial consultation to assess the need for treatment. This includes a comprehensive evaluation of the client's physical (medical and nutritional), psychological, psychiatric, social, spiritual conditions, as well as family history, to determine the appropriate level of care:

Intensive Outpatient (IOP)
This program, which provides at least ten hours of therapy a week, includes a combination of educational groups, process/CBT groups, & individual therapy. Each Client is assigned an individual counselor with whom the client meets regularly to continue to work on issues identified in treatment and to monitor progress in meeting treatment plan objectives. Treatment includes a comprehensive medical, psychosocial and psychological history, group and individual therapy, family programs, and self-help support groups. In this level of care, patients must be able to integrate successfully into a 12-step recovery group with minimal supervision and be currently living in a supportive and or stable environment.

Outpatient Counseling (OP)
H.O.P.E Inc offers outpatient counseling for various life issues and also has an extensive network of clinicians to help out clients maintain long term sobriety

Case Management (CM)
CM is for Mental Health consumers who need rehabilitative treatment and supportive interventions in order to help them gain access to necessary services in the community, and is available to consumers every day. The goals of this program are for maximum reduction of psychiatric symptoms and for optimal development of community living skills.

Our Programs

Groups & Services

Group Therapy
CBT groups are solution oriented and focused on identifying and implementing sobriety-based coping skills to address personal issues. Groups provide the opportunity to identify and process patterns of emotions, relationship issues and significant life events. Emphasis is placed on developing a greater understanding of the connection between these patterns and efforts to maintain sobriety. Groups are facilitated by licensed counselors who are familiar with 12 Step recovery.

Anger Management Group
In this group, clients benefit from learning anger control methods to help effectively manage their anger. Staff teaches skills to decrease anger and develop self-control over thoughts and actions. Clients are taught about the warning signs of anger so they can identify these internal and external warning signs early on and begin to manage them before their anger grows strong and becomes uncontrollable. Skills for managing anger include the use of "calm-down” phrases, identifying aspects of a situation that are provoking anger, and considering options that might help to resolve the situation.

Relapse Prevention
The Relapse Prevention group is a treatment designed for clients who have been unable to maintain recovery despite previous treatment. The Relapse group offers a different approach to self-discovery. Patients take a deeper look at underlying causes of their relapse. Therapy also is focused on helping the client to develop skills in dealing with emotional problems, family-of-origin issues, anger, shame, and low self-esteem.

Continuing Care
The fact is - long term recovery takes commitment and support. We provide: